The challenge of

selling glasses online.

Stop loosing money, let your customers fall in love with your products.

Faces are so unique, most glasses just don't fit

Think about it, how many of your models fit you well? Just some, there is no doubt.

just sell


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The Try-On Barrier

Customers need to try on the glasses

Without trying on the glasses there is no way to can know if some glasses would suit well or not.

Most customers just don't buy online eyewear because is very likely they just won't fit nice.

The Try-On Barrier has evolutionary reasons, the problem won't fade away.

Buying glasses is
Try on one after another until you find ones you like.

Man holding a phone.

Selling eyewear online is...

very hard.

Your current customers are a minority, you could sell much more just if customers could try-on your glasses. But having your glasses on every physical store is just impossible...

Don't worry we are here to help you.

Accurate Virtual Try-On, just like in the store

With our technology your online customers try on your glasses on their phone. Now there is no excuse to tear down the Try-On Barrier.

Easy as it can get for your customers

Check the example, see how fast the interaction is from liking your glasses to seeing themselves with them!

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Real world measurable impact in your business

No more returns.
Just satisfaction.

After a Reliby Virtual Try-On the customer knows 100% how the glasses will look on them. They won't return them because they expected something else, nor they will keep it but never wear them.

Keep up, compete.

Others are offering VTO, customers look for it, because is the safest way to buy.

Not all VTOs are a good choice.

Reliby Virtual Try-On is 100% accurate on size, others just aren't. A bad technology may lead to more sales, but horrible customer satisfaction and more returns, as the physical glasses will be different.

Improve your conversion rates.

Your potential customers are holding up, because they don't know how they will fit. With Reliby Virtual Try-On much more people will buy, with the assurance your glasses will fit just as they saw in their phones.


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