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We align our success with yours

At Reliby we are results oriented and charge sales commissions per sale, if we don't help you sell glasses, we don't make money.

We want to have the best brands in our store, the ones with the best value propositions. This implies discriminating those brands with a weak offer that would make it difficult for us to be effective in selling their glasses. For this reason, we charge a small one-time fixed fee per glasses.

Having the best Virtual Try-On for your customers costs you very little.

Our pricing

3 months free trial

We give you the first 3 months free at Reliby, we want you to see that it works.

You do not pay the fixed fee for your first 30 glasses.

Sales Commission is 15% flat rate.

We provide tracking so you don't have to worry about it.

You can track it independently as well.

€10 per glasses per month

Every published glasses will be available for Virtual Try-On.

Unlimited Virtual Try-On for your customers.

We trust that we are going to help you sell more, and that is why we work with a sales commission model. If we don't help sell your glasses, we don't make money.

We want to provide our technology to all brands wanting to sell and offering an attractive value proposition. This implies creating a fair playing field so our prices are public and the same for all.

Working with us from the start has its benefits

Although we have developed a revolutionary technology, we are a young company bringing its product to market. This means that we need to find the first eyewear brands with which to start a fascinating journey, and to introduce our product to the world.

We know that it is not easy to bet on new players, so we want to thank the first 10 eyewear brands that work with us:

1. The fixed fee is waived for all your glasses, forever

No matter how much you grow or the models you add or change, we will never charge you a fixed fee.

2. Priority to insert catalog

It doesn't matter who or what comes next, you will always be a priority.

3. Priority access to technologies and services

We are a technology company with the vision of developing innovative solutions to help our associated brands sell more. You will always have first access to all our new product versions, which will help both of us be one step ahead of the rest.

Thanks for trusting Reliby

A heart, because we love you!

Our methodology for publishing your catalog

Publishing glasses on the Reliby App is not a trivial process, we need to produce maximum quality 3D models for the Virtual Try-On and generate the best possible images of your glasses. This is an expensive process that we do not charge for, and right now this is an area where we can experience bottlenecks. That is why, we process the glasses in packages of 10 for each brand. In this way we ensure that no brand needs to wait to see their glasses on the Reliby App.

Some brands may want to skip the wait, if this is your case, do not hesitate to contact us and we will find a win/win.