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The best eyewear tech for very little, tear all walls between your customers and your incredible products.

Choose the plan that best works for your business

We trust so much our technologies will help you sell, we charge on success.

All values are established in a monthly basis.

Starter Plan

Perfect for raising brands.

Product fee

4.50€ under 20 VTOs1,

0€ over2

Commission on sale


Product photography

25€ image

Pro Plan

Perfect for established brands, without affecting your costs structure.

Product fee

23.50€ under 200 VTOs1,

3.50€ over2

Commission on sale

3% up to 2,000€,
1.5% over3

Product photography


Mega Max Pro Plan

You just want access to the technologies, no commissions whatsoever.

Product fee


Commission on sale


Product photography


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Brands Program:
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Reliby is here to help with your business.
With the best Virtual Try-On, images, and so much more to come.

Brands Program

1. VTO = Virtual Try-On.

2. The product fee will be reduced if the individual VTOs target are reached by different customers with the brand as source. Resets each month.

3. Commission will be charged under the pricing target, when the commissions get to the target all new sales will be charged at the smaller commission. Resets each month.

4. Free up to 5 images for each product.