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No more going to a store to try on glasses. From home, from work, day or night. Whenever you want Reliby is there for you.

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Ordinary glasses, no thanks

All the stores have the same thing, so boring! At Reliby you will not get bored, we work with truly exceptional brands, with designs of all kinds. No more wearing the same glasses as everyone else, make your eyewear speak about you and your style for the first time.

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The Virtual Try-On just works

The Reliby app does lots of really amazing things under the hood to make sure that the size you see in the Virtual Try-On is exactly what you will receive at home.

1. Face measurement

Once your phone detects your face with the camera, our algorithms build a virtual representation based on hundreds of independent coordinates and measure the precise distances between them. This is the secret why Reliby Virtual Try-On is so realistic.

2. Precise 3D models

We also create incredibly accurate 3D reproductions of all our glasses with measurements identical to the originals.

3. Realistic Virtual Try-On

With all the measurements taken of your face and the glasses you want to try on, we can create a perfect simulation so you can see exactly how the real glasses will look on you.

Reliby is world friendly

Physical stores need stock so you can try on and they can sell to you. Most of these glasses never find their ideal person, so they are thrown away, which generates thousands of tons of waste every year and a huge wasted energy cost in their manufacture and distribution.

We've designed Reliby to make that impact on the planet disappear. Trying on glasses virtually generates no waste and consumes far less energy. This way all glasses can find the ideal person, so no glasses end up in the trash without anyone having bought them.

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