Stickers to tell your physical customers you have Virtual Try-On

If you have your own shops is interesting to tell your customers you have Virtual Try-On too.

The sticker for your

Why bother telling them if they are at your store? They could just come inside... not so simple.

There are plenty of scenarios this makes sense:

  • The customer left undecided, seeing themselves at home with your glasses can be the tipping point.
  • They are in a hurry, when they are at home they will have time to try on your glasses.
  • Your shop is closed, but they like your glasses, this is much easier than coming back or forget about it.
  • They thought of someone who would love your glasses, they don't need to be with them physically to share your glasses and try them on.
  • They simply just don't like human contact.
  • Just makes you look cool.

And plenty more...

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I have my stickers, where do I place them?

Your brand new stickers are for your shop window, so you will have to stick them form the inside (so no one can run away with your cool stickers!).

Based on your shop window and product display you will have to place them at a given height.

Let the sticker breath

You should give some space to the sticker so is floating and does not touch anything else. Place the sticker 5 centimeters away from anything else.


Display with counter-top

Your display is a countertop, your customers must look down to see your products.

The position is 1.20 meters up measured from the street's floor.


Full window display

Your displayed products cover the main height of your window. Your clients don't need to look down to see your products.

The position is 1.40 meters up measured from the street's floor.


Store door

You can place the sticker also on the door of your shop. This sticker position is complementary with the store window, you can place both, this is why we provide more than one sticker!

The position should be over the door handle, more than 5 centimeters up.