Communicating Virtual Try-On Availability

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Congratulations, your glasses are on Reliby, which means you have the most advanced eyewear technology out there, but that means nothing if your potential customers don't know they can try on your glasses wherever they see fit.

It's very important you communicate you have Virtual Try-On in a way everyone can understand fast and from the beginning.

The Virtual Try-On button is a good way, but it is located very far in the customer acquisition chain:

  1. first they have to see one of your communications.
  2. The communication has to raise enough interest for them to leave what they are doing.
  3. They have to go to your website.
  4. They have to spent enough time there to notice you have Virtual Try-On.

It is much more powerful they notice from the beginning you have something so special very few others have: Virtual Try-On. This may help them take the leap from 1. to 2..

Virtual Try-On Badge

We have created a way to tell your customers you have Virtual Try-On directly in your Instagram posts, a fast and non-intrusive way, we call it Virtual Try-On Badge.


As you can see in the example above, you are telling your customers very easily you have Virtual Try-On.

Is important you use this exact badge, so every brand on Reliby uses the same. So all the users with the app already installed feel a faster and safer way to interact with your glasses, and potential customers feel the possibilities of using your Virtual Try-On because of repetition from communications: yours, Reliby's and other brands'.

We recommend you upload a post with the badge one of every five posts, and all advertisement (because is one of the things that makes you special).

How to add the badge to your posts

It's very easy to add the badge to your posts, we created an app just for it: Reliby Brand Tools you can upload the image to the app and the app will give you the same image with the badge.



  1. Open the app.
  2. Select the image you want to add the Badge to.
  3. Tap save.
  4. The image is in your gallery.

You can request access to the Reliby Brand Tools app writing a mail to the team at

If you fell more comfortable using Photoshop, please, tell us and we will provide you with a Photoshop template to achieve the same results.

Captions and Hashtags


You can also tell your followers and Ad targets you have Virtual Try-On in the post caption and Hashtags.

Feel free to say it your way under your brand voice. But you should use the right terms to refer to the tech:

Do you need inspiration? Contact our marketing team!