Your glasses can be tried-on


The challenge of selling glasses

People are very sensitive to how their glasses fit, which makes it difficult to find ones that fit well. This fundamental need translates into a serious problem for eyewear brands and implies that customers absolutely need to try on glasses before making a purchase.

Ways to improve your conversion rates

Being present in all stores, which is a huge investment:

You can also create your own chain of stores, but it requires even more investment with greater risk, given that you need to:

Or you can sell on Reliby!

Sell using Reliby

  • We turn every phone into an eyewear store.
  • Our users try on your glasses virtually so you don't need to produce more stock.
  • We are a single point of sale with potentially millions of “branches”, so you do not need commercial infrastructure.
  • You can offer your own potential customers to try on your glasses at Reliby, and very importantly we will not try to sell them other brands, which is not the case in traditional eyewear stores.

Selling on Reliby makes your brand much more competitive

How does Reliby work with our customers?

We are a virtual eyewear store, offering multiple brands (like any physical store), our users can navigate between brands, seeing and trying on glasses whenever they want.

When they decide on a pair of glasses, we redirect them to the brand's website so that they can buy the glasses there.

Yes, we send you our qualified buyers so that you can make the sale! Unlike Google, Instagram, Facebook, Twiter, Tiktok or any other lead generating platform which charges you for providing potential buyers).

How does Reliby work with your potential customers?

In addition, you can use our technology with your own potential customers, so they too can enjoy the advantages of our Virtual Try-On, and most importantly, they remain being your customers.

  1. On your website, click the Reliby button and the Virtual Try-On opens with your offer of glasses on the Reliby App.
  2. See how your glasses fit your customers. They look the same as the real ones!
  3. If they want to buy, we return them to your website to finish the purchase process or continue looking.

And if the customer doesn't like how his Virtual Try-On glasses fit?

Well, he would not have made a purchase that he would regret, which could damage your brand image and customer retention. So we continue working for you to sell him another pair of glasses that are the right fit:

Go back to the brand's webpage button on the app

We enable them to go back to your website at any point

Only recommendations of your brand on the app

In Reliby, your customer can try on your entire catalog!

Because is your client, we only offer suggestions within your brand.

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